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1. Wear white to my funeral. Wear hot pink or bright yellow or acid green. You know how I love to be the only one all in black.

2. Don’t cry for me. I’m better now.

3. Write to me sometimes. Let me know how you are.

4. Don’t put flowers on my grave. They’ll be thrown out eventually. Put something that will last.

5. Put on my favourite jumper and smoke cigarettes on my roof. It’ll make you feel better if you ever get sad.

6. Don’t make me into something I’m not. I’m not a hero, I’m not brave, I’m not strong. Don’t stand up and tell people I was.

7. Say something at my funeral. Read a quote from my favourite author or talk about my favourite songs. I’d like to know there’d be at least someone there who knows enough about me that there wouldn’t be just generic speeches made.

8. If you think about me, read. I want that to be my legacy.

9. Remember that I will never leave you. Not really. I promised.

10. Don’t even think about joining me until you are at least 117.

11. Talk about me in the present tense. You ARE my best friend. You ARE the one I love. Nothing could ever make that past tense.

12. Smile when you think about me.

13. Be spontaneous. That’s something I wish I was. Making plans is overrated. Fall in love with the present tense. Smile because your heart is beating and you’re so full of life.

14. If you ever miss me, listen to my favourite songs. Read my favourite poems. There’s more of me in them than there is at my grave.

15. Let people call me weak. Let them call me selfish. Let the people that hated me pretend they loved me. We can bitch about it when I see you.

16. Know that if I hurt you I’m sorry, it was not my intention.

17. Tell my jokes and pass them off as your own. They’ll never know.

18. Kiss lots of people. You are so full of love and people need that in their lives.

19. Forget me. Live your life with me as a distant memory. I love you, and you love me, but I don’t want myself to weigh you down. Accept that I love you, and that’s all that’s needed.

19 Things My Best Friend Should Do When I’m Gone (via desperatel-y)
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